Fine China

The Bachelor vs. FashionContainer. Pro as I am, I chose updating my blog over watching the Bachelor. I simply couldn’t wait to share this amazing set of pictures that my boyfriend took of me last weekend while wearing what I call my Fine China dress.
I have got some great news to share with you guys by the way. While I am usually very open about my personal life on FashionContainer, this time I decided to keep things for myself a little while. Since a few weeks I’m working full time for an online store and I just can’t believe my luck finding a job that suits me so good. I’m sure I will tell you more in the near future, but for now I leave you with this. Working full time means that time is precious, so in the evening hours I try to work on FashionContainer as efficient as possible. Even though I’m not posting every day, behind the screens there is a lot of things going on which are very time consuming.
The funny thing is that ever since I have been so crazy busy juggling my new job and FashionContainer at the same time, I feel like my mind is more productive than ever. Bring it on, I’m ready.


Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
Wearing: Asos Jacquard dress, Sportsgirl bag (similar here Pretty Little Thing sandals (similar here), Michael Kors watch, Valley Girl sunglasses (similar here)

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