Simplicity rocks

For you guys who are in the middle of winter now it’s probably hard to imagine, but the weather here in Perth has been so crazy hot the last days. Seriously, 40 degrees is NOT fun.
I’ve spend the last days mostly by sitting in the livingroom with the airconditioning on max and going outside as little as possible. I’m really craving some normal temperatures so I can go powerwalking in the morning and do my usual stuff. I was in the mood for a simple, clean outfit yesterday so I decided to pair this floral skirt from H&M with a nice tailored white shirt from Zara. My metallic silver shoes always do a great job at spicing up any outfit, I consider these beauties definitely as one my best buys of 2012. So today is another day where I’m locking myself inside the house to escape the heat. Just spending the day blogging, answering emails and that sort of stuff. I’m also browsing the internet to find a job. I wanna start after I get back from my holidays, which is the end of march. So, if any of my Perth readers knows anything, please let me know. For the people who were under the assumption that I’m currently working here and there in some clothing stores: Yes, maybe once in two weeks for 3 hours, what a joke. You’ve probably read a glimpse about my frustrations before, but I prefer to not talk about it again. Let’s just say that after my holiday’s I’ll come back with a new spirit and I’ll try to make the best of it. Tonight we’ve got friends coming over to our place, good company always makes me happy. I guess we’ll spend the evening in our back garden smoking a shisha and have some drinks.

    Pictures by H. Mounzer
What I’m wearing:
Zara tshirt
H&M skirt
Sportsgirl heels
Mango bag
Love Couture sunnies
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