Wardrobe glimpse

Today I’ve made another video! This time, I’m giving you guys a little wardrobe tour. My boyfriend is going to edit the video, so it might take a couple of days before I put it on the blog ;).
As a preview I decided to take a few pictures to show you guys. I got some new Mango stuff, as you can see. A beautiful blue jacket from  and a dress that I’ve both wanted since a long time. When sale finally started and they were both 50% off, I ofcourse couldn’t resist buying them. I ordered it the same way as I did with H&M: it has been delivered to my Dutch address and my mom has send it over to me in Australia. I’m going to a friends place in a little while. We’re planning to do a picnic at the riverside in Perth and watch the fireworks. (It’s Australia day today, that’s why the fireworks ;)).

// New suede biker jacket from Mango // Clothing rack. I love floral prints lately. // New Mango dress //   Some more clothing rack // Mirror shot with my beloved Canon 600D //
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