Summer rituals

I’m tired of wearing sunnies in all my outfit pictures lately, seriously. Unfortunately the bright sun doesn’t give me much choice. Picture nr. 2 is an example of the weird/angry faces I make when I’m looking right into the sun.
Not very charming, hehe. Wearing sunnies in every picture is just not fun in my point of view: it makes the pictures a lot less personal when you can’t see the eyes. Anyway, I hope you’re not too much bothered by it. I just came back from a barbeque at a friends place and once again I ate way-too-much (delicious food!). I had a really good time. I woke up late today and then my boyfriend and I went for breakfast at a place in our neighbourhood where they do the best pancakes. In the afternoon I did some research on the internet about campings down south and my boyfriend and I decided to book for next weekend. So that means: roadtrip! yes, again. Loving the Australian lifestyle. Outfit speaking: don’t you think the skirt is totally awesome?! I bought it last week. I figured the skirt and tie dye sweater would be a good combi. To make the outfit a bit more girly, I added a blue statement necklace and high heels. I hope you like the outfit!

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Sportsgirl sweater
TEMT skirt
Zara heels
Mango bag
Rubi necklace
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