5 Money Saving Tips while Travelling

What's in photographer Jamie Beck's vintage Hermes backpack as she travels through the Amazon of Brazil in South America.

After spending most of 2015 on the go, you could say that the FashionContainer team has become a real pro at everything to do with saving money while travelling. So today we’re sharing our best tips!

Timing to buy your flight
A study has revealed that the best time to buy a flight is two months prior to departure in the beginning of the week. Departure on a Tuesday is generally more favourable price wise than any other day of the week. We’ve been playing around with dates and days quite a bit and we’ve found this to be true!

Websites to compare flights
…but use them only for that. Websites like Jetradar and Skyscanner are very handy to compare different airlines with one click on the button, but when you’ve found your answer, don’t purchase your ticket just yet. Instead, go to the airlines individually and purchase your tickets there. Can save you around $30-50, after all these comparing websites have to make money as well right?

The luggage trick
If you’re travelling with two and you fear your luggage might be over the kilo allowance, let one of you check in and keep your carry on luggage (where’ve you squeezed in the additional kilos) with the person not checking in. This way you avoid the staff to weigh your carry on luggage and you get away with more kilo’s. This trick doesn’t work with every airline, but it has worked for us at least 5 times.

Wi-fi on the airport
It’s ridiculous that in this day and age not all airports have complimentary wi-fi, but that aside. Some airports offer 30 minutes complimentary wi-fi, but after that you have to pay. The good news is that you can often get around this limit by simply clearing the cookies on your phone. Go to settings, safari, clear history and website data and usually you’re back online for free within seconds.

Avoid taxi’s, use Uber instead
Really, just do it. Last June we’ve travelled in the US for one month and we probably spent 2 grant on taxi fares alone. On average, an Uber fare is at least half the price of what you’d pay for a regular taxi. Just to give you a comparison: in Mexico city we paid 7 dollars vs. 25 dollars for exactly the same distance (from the airport to the hotel).

What are your thoughts on this? Any money saving tips you want to share?

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