A Christmas guide for her

The most wonderful time of the year is here! Who doesn’t like receiving gifts 😉 Haha. Other than the December month being great to spend with our loved ones, there’s a lot of pressure involved to buy the right gifts. Are you clueless on what to buy for ‘her’? Don’t worry! Here are a couple of fail-proof gifting tips that will make any girl happy!

Gift card
This might sound like the biggest cliché, but a carefully chosen gift card is great to give and receive. Think of nice home décor stores, perfumeries or that little boutique in town that she loves so much.

To me, a pair of brand new sunglasses is one of the best gifts I can receive. I always need one and I can never have too many! Visiondirect has a wonderful selection,  plus you can easily select styles by face-shape, colour and style. Still clueless on which one to pick? The classics never go out of style.

Diamonds are forever.
Have a lot of money to spend? Then a cute personalized bracelet or necklace is a fantastic choice. To play safe, choose a style that is both subtle and timeless.

Spa treatment
I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like a Spa treatment, young or old, this gift is always a hit. Starting the new year in the most relaxed manner, who doesn’t want that?

Ticket for the ballet, musical or opera
Do something a little different and gift one of your female family members or friends a ticket for something cultural like the ballet or opera. A new out-of-the-box experience is a priceless gift!

What would you buy for  ‘her’? If you have any great gifting suggestions, please share in the comments below!


Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: New York, USA

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