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Here is the full outfit post after making you a little curious with yesterdays preview. I’d say that another mixing prints experiment has succeeded:  the stripes and barok-ish print are a great match.
I bought the skirt and red sunnies in town when I went shopping with a friend a few days ago. I often use sunnies to finish off an outfit, but the main reason you see me continously wearing sunnies in my outfit pictures these days is because the extreme bright sun. It seriously makes it impossible to not squeeze your eyes, so sunnies are the solution. Today I went for a road trip with my boyfriend, which was really awesome. We went to two different places. First we went to Lancelin, which is known for its sand dunes (looks like a desert) and its beautiful beaches. We walked through the sand dunes and watched the motorbikers who use the dunes as their playground. Afterwards we went for a picnic and a swim at one of the nearby beaches. Then we continued  to Wedge island, a place which is paradise for kite surfers and has stunning beaches as well. I saw a massive dead snake (smelled disgusting) and unfortunately also a lot of dead kangaroos and foxes along the road :(. I’ll put some pictures of today’s road trip at the blog soon, so stay tuned!

    Pictures by H. Mounzer

H&M leather jacket and shirt
TEMT skirt
Sportsgirl heels
Mango bag
Lovisa necklace
Valley girl sunglasses
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