Weekend life

Just a little preview of the upcoming outfit post. I unfortunately don’t have time to give you the whole post today. Editing and resizing the pictures etc. takes a long time and as I’m leaving in 30 minutes that’s not going to work out. Today my boyfriend and I went to Ikea to buy some more stuff we needed for the house. Seems like we’re finally finished with the livingroom! You can expect a little home post very soon. I’ve been wanting to show you pictures from my place since a long time, but I never did because it still looked very empty and unfinished. Tonight we’re having a barbeque at a friends place (again!). Love the Australian life where having barbeques and sitting cozy in the garden is possible everyday. Tomorrow my boyfriend and I going for another road trip, to a destination we quite randomly picked from the Lonely Planet map. It’s called Wedge island and it’s about 200 km up north. Have a great weekend!
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