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Bollywood movies, aren’t they a great way to escape the reality of everyday life? The dramatic but beautiful stories and ofcourse the captivating music and dancing. Ever since I watched an amazing Bollywood movie (forgot the name) during my flight from Perth to Dubai, I am hooked.

I’m currently obsessing over this Bollywood song, love it! This weekend was packed with a lot of fun stuff and I have enjoyed it to the fullest. I went to a birthday party last friday, slept in till late the next day, shot some outfit pictures and had a nice lunch with my boyfriend. Today we were invited for lunch in my Iranian friends place and I had a great time. She is such an amazing cook and I would love to learn some of the  dishes she makes. If you follow me on instagram (@fashioncontainer) you have probably seen the picture  I posted of the super delicious food. How did you spend your weekend?
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