Hi from Perth, Australia

My first post from Australia, I’m excited! I expected a huge jetlag –  which is understandable after a 20 hour flight – but surpisingly enough I feel fine.
I arrived at 17:30 Perth time and immediately adapted to this new time zone by going to bed at a normal time. These are some pictures of today, I really had a great time and loved discovering all kinds of new things, for instance huge parrots chilling out in trees and the most amazing views. Not the most interesting outfit today, but I wanted to wear something comfy and easy as I didn’t completely unpack my suitcase. My boyfriend will take my outfit pictures from now, I’m very happy that he’s willing to do that!


Jeans H&M
Blazer Zara
Top H&M Trend
Flats Invito
Bag Zara
Necklace H&M

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