Bali: Travel diary

Sorting out my Bali pictures was quite a job, as we made around thousand pictures(!!) I just get so excited when I visit new places that I want to photograph every little thing I see. The above selection consists of my favorite pictures and is basically a summarize what we’ve been during the week . Because there are still so many more pictures to show, I might consider making a Bali travel diary part 2. I hope you like the pictures and sorry once again about the delay. Have a happy monday!
What are you looking at?

1. View from a seafood restaurant in Jimbaran where we had lunch.
2. Lunch and drinks at ‘Ku de Ta’, my favorite place in Bali. They have great cocktails and it’s located next to the beach.
3. Hindu ceremony at the beach. So beautiful!
4. We went to visit monkey forrest in Ubud. This monkey was very enthusiast about my hair and refused to get off my head.
5. I always wanted to try this! Fishies cleaning your feet by eating your dead skin. Very creepy in the beginning but actually quite comfy once i got used on it.
6. Beach view from ‘Ku de Ta’. 
7. My boyfriend chatting with a guide while visiting a temple in Ubud.
8. Surfdog! We were amazed by seeing a man teaching his dog how to surf. The dog actually seemed to enjoy it very much. 
9. Visiting turtle island, loved it!
10. Happy boyfriend at the beach.
11. Ricefields in Ubud, such a wonderful scenery.
12. We hired a scooter one day. Because the traffic in Bali is c.r.a.z.y, I was terrified. 
13. Best breakfast ever! Waffles, pancakes and all kinds of pastries. Oh my, how much I miss that!
14. God ganesh & me. 
15. In Uluwatu visiting a temple. Stunning view!
16. Clear blue ocean in Uluwatu.
17. My traditional Balinese clothes! Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? This is what I wore to the Halloween party by the way. 
18. Fresh coconut milk, love it!

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