8 Beautiful Places in Rome Perfect For Instagram

 It’s been a well known fact that life looks better through a filter! The cool tones of Hudson, the softening of Rise, the dramatic contrast of Lo-Fi – Instagram turns the most basic photo into a hit. However, when it comes to travelling, some landmarks and beaches are so dazzling that all they require is the seriously impressive #nofilter. City breaks to Rome will offer ample opportunity to post photos with such a hashtag, whilst giving you a chance to get away from it all. Take a look at these eight sights that you should seek out with your iPhone.

  1. Trevi Fountain

The largest and most magnificent fountain in Rome, done in a Baroque style, this is one of the most beautiful fountains in the world. It features stone carved statues of Roman gods and goddesses and sets the dramatic scene for Ocean and Health. After getting your snap, you should throw a coin in the fountain for luck.

  1. Colosseum

Of course, no photo album of Rome is complete without the Colosseum. Still largely intact, this ancient ruin was the scene for gruesome gladiator fights that were cheered on by bloodthirsty crowds. Walking around on one of the tours, get as many shots as you can to try and capture the epic history behind the stone ruins.

  1. Sistine Chapel

Michael Angelo’s paintings on the ceiling of this mammoth 16th century church will leave you open-mouthed. It is found in the Apostolic Palace and is the official residence of the Pope. The beautiful images inspired by the Old Testament are split into nine sections, giving you ample opportunity to take some serious snaps.

  1. Pincio Gardens

Get a bit of green into your pictures by visiting the Pincio Gardens. Pretty features include the obelisk commissioned by Emperor Hadrian and a 19th century water clock.  Take a trip here on an evening for a wonderful sunset.

  1. Piazza Del Popolo

Enter the large gate to this square near Borghese Park. There are plenty of eye catching features, such as the three surrounding churches, an obelisk and three fountains. The fountains boasts statues of Neptune, an Egyptian lion and the Goddess of Rome.

  1. Pantheon

One of Rome’s most famous landmarks, the Pantheon was built more than 1800 years ago! This was a temple of the Gods for the Roman Empire with sixteen columns, a dome and an elaborate interior.

  1. St Peter’s Basilica

This is the largest church in the world and you don’t need to be religious to appreciate it. The location is symbolic as it sits on Vatican Hill overlooking the Tiber river.

  1. Foodie selfie

Whether it’s munching on one of the renowned pizzas or licking one of the world famous ice creams, a foodie selfie in Rome is mandatory.

This is only a small number of amazing things to see in Rome. You’ll find yourself recognizing and snapping buildings, plazas and parks at every turn.

Photo source: Pinterest

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