5 tips to stay organized while travelling

SO. Here’s the story. While hopping from coast to coast, one hotel to another in the United States last June, I’ve lost about 10 items. Everything from clothing, accessories to expensive tech stuff. And you know what? The losing fun didn’t stop since. I just returned from Portugal last week and while changing hotels I apparently lost my Iphone charger. I guess someone needs to get her shit together when it comes to staying organized while travelling and I think that person is me.

My travelling life isn’t going to stop any time soon, in fact it’s only going to get more! So I guess that means there’s no better time wrap my head around staying focused while abroad.

1. Keep important things in one place
Passports, credit cards, expensive jewelry. The important and valuable things you carry with you should always stay in the same place no matter what, this way you’ll never have any confusion on their whereabouts. I always keep jewelry and tech stuff in my carry on. Passports and cards go in my hand bag.

2. Always double check upon leaving the hotel room
This is where it went wrong with me many times. Now I certainly don’t want to blame the cleaning ladies, but whenever you leave clothing on a chair or your bed, they often store it in more appropriate places like the closet. That’s one of the reasons you should always do a thorough check upon leaving. Even in places where you don’t remember putting stuff. Pull out the covers, check the electricity outlets and open all drawers and closets.

3. Create a ritual with your friend
If you’re travelling with a friend, create a little ritual to keep you both sharp upon leaving your hotel. On your own you’re sometimes check as thoroughly and having someone keeping you sharp can be a great help. Tatiane and I have attempted to do this while we travel, but it hasn’t always been successful because we’re often in a hurry.

4. Have an emergency plan
While in the US, I always kept one of my credit cards hidden in a little bag in my suitcase. So if anything would happen to our belongings while we’re out, I’d always have a backup. You can do the same thing with cash by spreading some out to different places in your suitcase. Then write down in your phone where you put what.

5. Work with lists
If you’re anything like me, you have 5 cables, 2 lenses, 1 camera, a laptop, an external hard drive and 7 different chargers with you. With so much small stuff, it’s key to have something remind you what’s with you. Make a list in your phone of  those items and this way you can quickly check if everything is there without fearing you’re forgetting about something.

How do you stay organized while travelling? What are your best tips?

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | @tatianekozijn

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