5 Tips on how to pack a suitcase for both cold and warm weather

It’s no secret that the FashionContainer team loves travelling to countries with a warm climate. But what to do with your suitcase when you visit New York (freezing this time of year), the Caribbean and South America in one trip?Then you’ve got a packing dilemma! Uh oh. Here’s how we dealt with it…

1. Check the Weather

Sounds obvious, but this is really your first step into deciding what to pack. Is it going to polar ice-ice cold or is it somewhat bearable at the cold destination? If somewhat bearable, opt for your lightest winter coat in order to save kilos and space. Is it going to be unbearable cold? Well, then you have to sacrifice the space in your suitcase: chunky coat it is! Beause we were only in New York for a week with the other leg of the trip having warmer climates, we minimized winter items and just brought 1 coat. Sigh.

2. Share clothes

Packing for both cold and warm weather is already tricky enough (especially when only bringing 1 suitcase), so be flexible and borrow each other’s clothes where possible. We personally love coordinating our suitcases with each other to maximize the mixing and matching. It really makes the difference to not have a case of terrible wardrobe boredom two weeks into the journey.

3. Work with layers

Why bring 10 wool knits that take up half your suitcase when you can layer t-shirts, blouses and tank tops instead? This way you utilize the same items for both the cold and warm destination. Plus, did you know that working with layers is much more efficient for conquering the cold compared to wearing one knit?

4. Good basics

No, not good: GREAT basics. Dresses made from light fabrics can be worn with tights, a blazer and boots but also bare legged with sandals. The same goes for skirts. Other than that, I personally feel that a white shirt that doesn’t crease is the holy grail item in any wardobe: travel, at home, for warm or cold weather. It has turned out my life saver outfit after outfit.

5. If you’re not on a budget

… then simply give away your Winter items when you arrive at your summer destination or vice versa and shop new stuff at destination. We personally have no choice to do this sometimes when we continue our collaborations while travelling. This means new clothing is being send somewhere along the way, meaning that if you’re already at the luggage limit you need to get rid of some stuff! Embrace it! You make someone else happy.

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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