5 Ways to work more Efficient from home

Being self employed comes with certain advantages. Working whenever and wherever you like, for example. Which in the case of the FashionContainer team means: at home. Yes people, our team works together, but lives together too. Crazy! So here’s how we make working from home more efficient.

1. Wake up at the same time

If you read our previous “8 things you didn’t know about the FashionContainer team” you’d know that Tatiane is the night owl, while Malena is the morning person. Kind of. I bet you can imagine how tempting it is to work according to completely different schedules? Regardless of that, we always try to add a certain structure in our days by starting work at the same time every morning. Doing so keeps you motivated and makes it easier to stay disciplined.

2. Get Coffee

Tatiane is a firm believer in not becoming caffeine dependent, while Malena is a real coffee junk at heart. But either way, you could say that we’ve both made coffee our morning ritual, mentally preparing us for the day ahead. By creating a ritual or something to look forward to start the day, you make it easier to get started and to stay focussed. Whether that’s coffee, treating yourself with a gigantic donut on Wednesdays or simply bake yourself some pancakes: start your day right with something that makes you happy.

3. Clean your house

If you’re working from home, it’s important to keep the “office” (living room in our case) organized and clean. When you’re environment is peaceful, you’ll be too. A pretty and clean house really does miracles not only for your mood but for your productivity too.

4. Get light

Bright light, baby! A professional and productive environment is easily created in a room with plenty of natural light, fresh air and perhaps a little background Music. In case you weren’t aware, light work motivating for the spirit, skin and brains. The Fashioncontainer team personally likes a bit of background soul music, it’s calming!

5. Get Dressed

The cliche, but oh so true. You’re home, nobody see’s you, no chance of running into your crush. Why would you not be sitting around in your jogging pants or pyjamas all day? Well, getting dressed and looking good for you really does miracles for your mood. Plus, if you get a call to come in for a meeting you can be there in minute without having to get into the shower first.

I hope these tips are helpful! Do you like the idea of working from home?

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