5 Things to do in Spain

For many Europeans, including ourselves, Spain has been a super popular travel destination for years. That’s because aside from its wonderful climate and beaches, it also has a great local culture and history. We’ve been to Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Tenerife but still don’t feel like we even know an inch of the country. So let’s make that our 2017 mission, shall we? Today we’re sharing some of our top things to do if you happen to visit Spain.

Eat Tapas

As professional foodies, the first on the list to-do in Spain is eating Tapas! These small dishes are great to be shared, preferably with a glass of wine or sangria on the side. Soak up Spain’s outdoor life and hop from bar to bar trying out a few different dishes as you go.

Watch Football

Girls and football? If you ask the FashionContainer team: absolutely yes. In Spain, the top professional football association is La Liga. La Liga is also the top league in Europe with an average attendance rate of over 25,000 per match. With 20 teams found across Spain, taking in a football game can be a lot of fun for travelers. Enjoy Real Madrid or Barcelona Football Clubs to name a few.

Sailing and partying in Ibiza

Yes, yes and yes. Ibiza is one of those few places on the planet that does it both: exceptional beautiful, raw nature and parties unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Go in August for the best parties, come back in October to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Visit the Casino

Gambling might not be the first thing you’d think of to do in Spain, but the country offers many different casinos for gambling fans who plays on casino online or offline to enjoy. The largest casino in Spain is the Casino de Barcelona. A great place to go for fun, soak up the atmosphere and play a couple of table games. The Casino de Barcelona has a 33,000 square foot gambling floor with a pleasing mix of gaming machines and table games. Well known for poker, the casino hosts poker tournaments daily.

Flamenco Show

A traditional form of folk music, Flamenco is still very much alive and happening in Spain. For the best experience, visit a traditional flamenco show. The best ones to be found in Sevilla (on the FC travel list for 2017) or Madrid.

So next time you’re in Spain, do something a little different than the classic sun-beach-party combo and consider some of these out of the box activities! What do you love most about Spain?

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