5 Tips for Budget Savvy Shoppers

Sales. Shopping. Fashion. Girls wouldn’t be girls if our shopping habit gets out of hand every once in a while, right? Today I’m sharing some tips that don’t only help to get the best deals, but will prevent you from buying things you really don’t need.

1. Timing

Autumn is around the corner; new collections are hitting the stores. I know, it’s very tempting to get out that credit card and go wild. In my younger years, I’ve given into this temptation way too often. Right now I’m more aware of ‘ the system’. What’s that? Well, collections seem to come and go quicker with the year. That’s why in most cases, you’re way better off just to wait a few weeks for the first mid-season sale to hit.

2. Price Comparison

I get the impression that many people only feel called to do price comparison when it considers tech stuff like mobile phones, tv’s or laptops. But why not doing the same thing when it comes to clothing or shoes? Especially when you have a particular investment item in mind, it really pays off to check out at least 5 stores, both online and offline.

3. Coupons

Where would we be without good old coupons and discount codes? While this is traditionally something you’d use in store, these days online coupon codes are all the rage and for good reason. The online stores that I regularly shop at very often run promotions via Groupon and it can truly save a good bit. From free delivery codes to a generous 20% off surely is worth a few minutes of your browsing time.

4. Quality check

I can never say this often enough (also to myself) that you just shouldn’t buy stuff that’s cute but lacks quality. You’ll only wear it once and it will end up in your closet never to be worn again. A few things that I pay good attention to is the fabric (Does it crease easily? How rich is it?), stitching (gently pull to judge its strength) and the cut.

5. Closet Intervention

Before you start new season shopping, pull everything out of your closet in order to have a good idea what you actually have. Make outfits, try them on, see what kinds of items are ready for replacement. When it comes to investing in new season items, always prioritize basics that can be worn over and over again. For me, those are coats, boots and good pairs of trousers.

Now it’s your turn! Any good tips for shopping on a budget you’d like to share?


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