The Perks of being Unorganized

Written by: Lesia Joukova | Website: Tale of the Great

Today we’ve got the pleasure at FashionContainer to share contributor’s Lesia first article! Lesia is the brain behind lifestyle & fashion blog Tale of the Great and she’ll from now on regularly contribute an article to FashionContainer. Get excited, because her writing is awesome. Today she’s talking about the perks of being unorganized. A topic that instantly made me feel better about my chaotic and very unorganized self: apparently there are perks! Here we go.

There are so many articles that help you understand why being organized is an awesome skill that’s often required for success. But there’s also some parts of your life when being messy and unorganized is a godsend.

If you wake up in the weekend with a vague idea of what your day should be about, if your desk is full of notes as well as nail polish, a hairbrush, small change and a half-gone cup of coffee, then you may find these perks familiar. So, are you eager to find out what the heck I’m talking about?

1. You are the best at handling unorganized trips.
When you don’t have any specific plans it’s no big problem to deviate from them! You can meet people you never expected to meet, spontaneously decide to go see places that weren’t on the list, and make sure to do what you want when you want it. You can handle solo trips with ease because you decide for yourself where to eat lunch, how much to pack and how to move around a foreign city. And without specific plans it’s easy to take advantage of those fantastic ticket prices and last-minute calls.

2. You don’t need weekly brainstorming sessions.
If you’re one of the people that get interesting ideas in the shower or when you’re half-asleep, then holding a weekly brainstorming session might not be as fruitful as gathering ideas at different times of day! This is why you should keep a notepad or two handy around the house, and keep your phone close – don’t be shy to stop mid-conversation to write down a thought (just tell your friends what’s going on first).

3. You are in for the occasional surprise.
Next time you clean up your house you are bound to make some discoveries and find things you thought long lost. You just might uncover a childhood drawing, a missing earring, an e-book charger you missed so badly or those 20 bucks stashed away in your autumn coat. And that’s just the first day of the week. Isn’t that lucky? 🙂

4. Last-minute tasks are a great playground for your abilities.
Since following a schedule or a plan isn’t always possible, your effectiveness gets a +100 point boost when you’re in danger of missing the deadline. Some people only wish they were this effective and quick: you can write a thesis in a night (hello, my fellow students) and create awesome things (especially when pressured)!

5. You’re having a blast with making Instagram pictures.
You don’t know what it’s like to have nothing to post on social media. Your phone memory is always full with exciting memories, snaps from ordinary days, meetings with friends and fun times. And talk about those flatlays! You always have extra details that make the picture really pop out.

6. You are flexible with your daily routine.
On some days you just don’t need organization in your life. You are perfectly capable of being in time for your bus, but all other things can be adjusted to your schedule and wishes. When you’re looking forward to something waking up early or going to bed late doesn’t seem bad at all. You don’t have to make a plan, but when you do, you stick to it because you want to.

Do you think of yourself as an unorganized person? Do any of these perks ring true to you? Let us know in the comments.

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