5 tips on how to choose the best pictures

Today we’re sharing some handy tips on deciding which pictures will make it to your blog post. Yep, there’s a formula for doing so!

1. What’s the story?

Photography is much like a movie, the only difference being that the image doesn’t move. The pictures compiled in the blog post should tell a story and therefore simply picking your favourite shots is not sufficient. So before you choose, ask yourself: what story do I want to tell/show my audience?

2. Colour

For the sake of story telling, our general rule of thumb is to put together only pictures that have the same kind of light. If you shoot pictures often, you know how much a simple step back or forward can change the entire look of a shot!

3. Composition

In this instance, composition means how the pictures will look alongside each other. If you want to tell a story or pursue a particular aesthetic, composition is everything. For a blog post, ‘composition’ could mean that you choose an array of both horizontal and vertical shots, close-up and far away and so on.

4. Kill your darlings

The hardest part if you’re a photographer (or having to choose from a full set) is that for the sake of story telling, you sometimes have to sacrifice your personal favourites. Why? Because sometimes the particular shot you love is not in line with the rest. That doesn’t mean however that you can never use the shot. Why not just wait for a suitable time to post it on Instagram or another blog post?

5. Instinct

When it comes to creative matters (just as with matters of the heart) there isn’t a formula that will guide you through all the do’s and don’ts. If you’re unsure about which pictures to choose, put it aside and come back to it in half an hour. You’ll notice that when you let your instinct speak, you’ll often reach the best decisions.

What do you pay attention to when choosing pictures that you’re going to post? Let us know!

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