5 Things we love about New York

Whether you like it or not, you’ll hear and see New York everywhere. Just think about the many movies recorded there or the insane amount of artists that are from there. And what about the daily new? Enough reasons to either love or hate the city. The FashionContainer team first visited New York last June (why on earth not earlier?!) and here are 5 reasons why we’re madly in love with the city.


Getting bored is impossible in New York. If you’re done with sightseeing, there’s always somebody who’s in for a chat. A simple ‘Hi, how are you?’ et voila, a conversation is born. It’s this way that we learned a security officer’s entire lifestory while wandering around Time Square. FUN! New Yorkers definitely are a lot more approachable and sociable than most of the people we’ve met so far while travelling.

Big Buildings

When you’re walking in New York, you feel tiny. Scyscrapers that don’t quite touch the end of the sky and what’s even more fascinating is seeing the sun go down in between the buildings.


In the Netherlands, you hurry yourself to the shops around 5pm, because you know most of them will close around 6pm. In New York this is different! Many stores are open around the clock. Kind of makes sense for the city that is the synonym for “the city that never sleeps”

A whole different world around the corner

A city of many contrasts. Fancy vs. Hipster, Rich vs. Poor, Scyscrapers vs. Green space. It’s really quite incredible how a park as large as central park is actually located in the heart of such a gigantic city. Amazing. An afternoon spend in the park seriously feels like a country get away. How do you mean best of both worlds?!

Everything is Possible

OK, sure. The “everything is possible in New York” concept has been milked out a liiiiittle too much, but it also kind of makes sense: the energy of getting things done and chasing dreams just sticks in the air. People are positive, full of energy, everything is seen as an opportunity. We personally love the positive vibes. Dutch people are often too sceptical about big dreams. In New York, or the US for that matter, people are more like: Yay! Go you!

What’s your favourite thing about New York?

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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