Warsaw Iphone Diary

Sharing with you Warsaw’s Iphone diary! As you know by now, the place for shameless selfies, silly faces and lots of photos that would otherwise never make it to FashionContainer. We had the pleasure of exploring the Polish capital and were wonderfully surprised by how cool the city is. Here’s what we got up to…

We arrived late the previous night, so we didn’t get much further than the restaurant next door to the apartment for some food. However… the next day it was time for some serious exploring. This is the park in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, how pretty are the Autmn colours?

You can take an elevator up to the top of the Palace of Culture and Science with a great view over Warsaw. 

Nice view, right? You can literally have a 360 degree view over the city, meaning that you can also see Warsaw’s old town and the river in the distance from the other side of the building.

Late afternoon we did a shoot just behind the Palace of Culture and Science. The light was incredible! Can’t wait to show you how the pictures turned out. 

We always have too much fun with the timer of our Iphones! An old lady literally stood still next to us to see watch what we’re doing. 

We went to a super cool shopping centre. Great shops, coffee places, froyo and more!

Tatiane was shocked by the size of her coffee. YUMMMM! We took a little coffee break in the mall before heading to the coolest dinner.

Woohaaa! The location for dinner and drink is insane. Situated at the rooftop of the Marriott hotel, the Panorama lounge has a beautiful view over the city and serves the BEST cocktails. Here I was watching the bartenders make my drink… 

Cocktails are served, we are happy!

Hello from Warsaw’s beautiful old town! The day before we explored the new part of Warsaw (scyscrapers, modern architecture, malls) and what we saw the next day was the complete opposite. I guess this is also one of the things I loved most about Warsaw, the contrast between new and old. 

There are so many cute streets and alleyways in Warsaw’s old town! I wore this black military coat and comfortable flats. You can check out the full outfit post here. 

We stopped by at a very cute place called Shabby Chic for coffee and cake (read more about in the 5 eat & drink hotspots in Warsaw)

How cute is the outside, really? Almost like a doll house. Both the food and coffee are great, so definitely recommended.


Trying out some traditional ‘Pierogi’ at Zapiecek. We chose 3 different kinds with spinach cheese fillings and more cheese…? I actually don’t remember exactly. But it was delicious. We also had some hot wine with it.

We then continued to Bazar Kocha to eat dessert. Like you can tell from this picture, the interior is SUPER cute. Plus, they have the best desserts 🙂

Dessert is served! Raspberry budding and white chocolate cheese cake. SO good!

The next day it’s already time to go home. Way too soon! Here we’re on the way to the train station to head to the airport. But first… coffee.

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The city of Warsaw has a beautiful architecture.
I like the pictures.
Pretty much his overcoat. 🙂

Nice pictures. The City Looks very nice

Such a great photos! This post makes me wanna visit Warsaw so much!