Another exciting chapter in the travelling life of the #FashionContainer team has begun! We had the opportunity to fly business class to Toronto with Jet Airways for the very first time and today we’ll take you with us to get a taste of it all. Get ready.

Checking in
The First time to Canada, the first time flying business. Can you imagine how excited we were? We had a lot of expectations of Canada and Toronto before we went and while some things turnt out to be right, we were surprised by a lot of other things. And what that is, you’ll have to find out at the very end of this post!

With direct daily flights from Amsterdam to Toronto, you could say that Jet Airways is the dream for both business and pleasure travellers. Which the #FashionContainer team happens to be BOTH. Ha. Mixing work and pleasure has never been so much fun.

Flying business is of course great, but what’s even better is that the flawless 1st class experience already starts from the moment you check in. Super fast, efficient service and off to the lounge we went. As a Jet Airways business class traveller you have access to the VIP lounge in the airport of departure, which comes with some really exciting features! A few of them being: Coffee. Comfy seating with a great view. Breakfast. At least that’s how we enjoyed the lounge at Schiphol airport that morning.

Life on board
Oh, how much fun we had on board! It all started when we just entered the plane and immediately started taking a zillion photos. Because you know, #lifeofablogger. It’s funny how having a camera in hand always makes us connect to the people around us. Fellow passengers started asking us questions (why the photos? First time in business?) and the staff was just laughing seeing if they could give us a hand. Oh yes. We sure know how to get all eyes on us!

With the most lovely welcome from the staff, we could immediately feel the hospitality that embodies Jet Airways. So! Time to head to our home for the next 8 hours: seats 6A and B. While sipping on a fresh juice under a comfy blanket, we discussed how to best spend the next hours. We agreed that watching a few movies (very suitable: how to be single), eat lots, (the meals were delicious, so that was easy), catch a little sleep and enjoy a few glasses of champagne would be the best way to go. Truth is however that us girls often end up having some deep conversation for a few hours straight. So as you can probably guess: we didn’t sleep.

So yes, it’s safe to say to say we had one very sweet ride! Another fun fact: I’ve never been on a flight that went THIS quick. We both looked at each other in disbelief when the announcement came we were landing soon. Well hello Toronto! Time literally flew by.

The City
When we arrived we were a little lost. Where to get out? How to take a taxi? Luckily for us, Canadians happen to be one of the friendliest people we’ve ever come across, so with a little help we found our way easily. Something you can also sense immediately when arriving in Toronto is the great multicultural energy. So many different people, so many different cultures.

We decided to experience Toronto by having the best of both worlds. The first couple of days we stayed at an Airbnb in trendy Ossington and another few days at a hotel right in the middle of downtown Toronto. This way you really get to experience the city in all its dimensions, something we feel very passionate about.

The feeling…
But what is Toronto really like beyond its landscape of cool skyscrapers and the most magnificent scenic views? Something we didn’t quite expect, but really loved, is the profound multicultural energy and atmosphere you can sense. The city is friendly like a village, but also has the exciting hustle and bustle of the big city. Energetic, vibrant, but peaceful at the same time. What’s probably the best thing about Toronto is the feeling that you can have it all!

And on that note, the feeling of being able to have it all, we planned our week. We relaxed on the lake side in between sight seeing, stopped by the Royal Ontario museum to watch an exposition, went for a little shopping on Bloor street and took a couple of day-trips to escape Toronto’s sizzling summer heat.

Defining Toronto as a destination is a tough one. Is it a city trip? A holiday destination? Both? We like to call it a city trip with a whole lot of extra!

& Onto the next destination…
Soon, soon, soon! Toronto, you were wonderful. Jet Airways, we loved the experience. We’ll hop back on board to the next destination soon…

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