Rise and shine

Another super hot day in Perth. This is what I wore today before we headed to the beach this afternoon. I bought this top a few days ago at a store which I only recently discovered.
It’s the kind of store where most of the stuff is crap but there are always a few treasures to find. For example this top and bag. I’m super excited today by the way! Yesterday my boyfriend and I booked our flights to go to Dubai and Lebanon in february. I’ve always wanted to see Dubai, so another dream is coming true. We’ll be staying for 5 days at my boyfriends cousin place in Dubai. Then, we are flying to Lebanon to visit my boyfriends family. Also, I’ll go to Holland to visit my family somewhere in the 4 weeks we’ll be away from home, but I didn’t book that ticket yet. Exciting, isn’t it :).

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Sesfashions top and bag
H&M trend mermaid skirt
Love couture sunglasses
Target lacquer heels
Sportsgirl cross necklace

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