Touch of neon

Does this neon yellow necklace seem familiar? Well, it definitely does to me. I’ve seen it passing by at so many different fashionblogs a while ago. I’ve always loved it, but unfortunately never managed to get my hands on it.
Surprisingly enough, I ran into this neon beauty while strolling around with a friend in a shoppingcentre yesterday. So happy I found it! Also bought a coral/gold necklace. My accessories collection really needed some more colour, so here you go: mission accomplished I say.
So let me tell you about my day. I started my day very sporty by making a big walk through Kingspark with a friend, we’ve been walking for at least 1.5 hour. Yep, I feel proud. When my boyfriend came back from work we took some outfit pictures (tomorrow on the blog!) and we went  to our favorite burger restaurant. The burgers here in Australia are really like nowhere else, soo tasty! Afterwards we went to eat waffles and icecream -again- (We were there yesterday as well, haha). So finally, everything taken into consideration, my day was not that sporty at all.
 Dotti and Sportsgirl necklaces

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