the Vrtba Garden in Prague

Like they say “the best things happen unexpectedly”. The Vrtba garden in Prague was one of those places that took me by surprise.

We had Arrived at the Aria hotel in Prague  only an hour earlier, when we found out that our hotel had private access to the Vrtba garden. Not like we had any idea what it was, but we were curious to find out! And wow, just wow. What a location! Perfect light, perfect setting, super photogenic all the way. So that meant: straight to business and kick off our first photo shoot. Luckily we love our jobs.

So…orange! I don’t think there’s a colour more controversial. And with that I mean: you either love it or hate it. I’ve owned several orange pieces throughout the years, but I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s a colour I’d naturally gravitate to. This top however was a different story!

In the Netherlands, orange is considered the ‘national’ colour and once a year the entire country and its people turn orange. This happens on April 27th, the King’s birthda. A day of celebrations with music, concerts, boating in the Amsterdam canals and more. Yes, this really is a thing! The dress code for King’s day? Orange all the way and the sillier the outfit, the better. If you don’t feel very comfortable about that (like myself) you can also go for a more fashionable outfit with a pop of orange. Like this look.

The trench coat is timeless piece from the best of British for the M&S collection and was love at first sight. I’ve always had a thing for trench coats and this one just hits all the right spots for me. The cropped white trousers were a little adventurous decision, but consider me on culottes band wagon now! Kind of loving the effortless but feminine feel to it.

Here are a few tips for wearing the key items in this outfit:

1. Orange: This funky bright colour is best complemented with neutrals light white, beige or grey. Avoid the black-orange combo at all cost, the contrast between these colours is too harsh. In my opinion, if you love it: go you.

2. Culottes: A big hate it or love it item, but worth the risk. Opt for a sleek top with interesting details. A subtle peplum shape such as this one works, but a blouse with cool shoulder details looks great too. For a flattering look, the only big no would be too oversized tops or sweaters that will make your waist disappear entirely.

3. Trench coat: The most timeless item of the century & a must in every woman’s closet who considers her personal style feminine, sleek and chic. Wear them with bare legs, a funky pair of loafers and a fedora. Skinny jeans always work too!

And last but certainly not least… let’s take a moment to discuss how awesome this location is! If I were to live in Prague and got married, I’d certainly have voted for this to be the spot to take my wedding photos. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! On the outfit AND location, that is.

What I’m Wearing: Marks & Spencer trench coatMarks & Spencer orange topMarks & Spencer cropped trousersAsos bagMichael Kors watchDune heels

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Prague, Czech Republic


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