The Pottinger | Hong Kong

First stop in Hong Kong: the Pottinger hotel. I couldn’t have imagined a more comforting place to arrive to, jetlagged and exhausted.

The Pottinger is a boutique hotel with 68 rooms situated in central Hong Kong and if you ask us: there really isn’t a better spot to explore the city from. Right in the middle of historical Pottinger street (a lane with all kinds of street vendors and cute shops), Antique street and Lan Kwai Fong (where all the bars + clubs are), all the buzz and excitement happens right at your doorstep.

Get Inside
Despite being located in a busy area, the hotel itself feels very peaceful and you don’t hear street noise whatsoever. Our suite on one of the hotel’s top floors was super spacious with a modern but charming interior. My favourite part about the rooms is that traditional heritage is worked in its decoration. From the printed blue vases to the dessins on the walls, cushions and carpets. East meets West, truly.

What we love
Our first encounter with the ‘Handy’: each guest at the Pottinger receives a smartphone with wi-fi, lots of handy tips and directions and other features to get around. After a few days of using it we can say: this really makes it so much easier and fun to explore a city! There’s even a feature that shows your taxi driver the exact location of your hotel is and this actually saved us on multiple occasions. I hear you thinking: “Don’t you write down your hotel’s address before you head out”? Well, I guess we’re not the most organized travellers.

I’m Wearing
All white, the lace skirt is by River Island, the sandals by Hogl. It’s super simple but I feel all white never fails to look elegant.

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