Photo diary Lebanon

A few weeks ago, I visited Lebanon for the second time. It was great to see my boyfriends lovely family again and simply to enjoy this beautiful country.
Temperatures were perfect, especially after weeks of heat in Perth and then Dubai, it was great to cool down a little bit. Hightlights of the week I spend in Lebanon were probably seeing the mountains of my boyfriends hometown in East Lebanon (see picture 3,9, 11, 14 and 16), a day trip to Faraya (see picture 6, 15 and 18) and my birthday dinner with the most amazing view (see last picture). Oh, and let’s not forget a great night out in club “Life” in Beirut. I’ve once seen a travel program about Beirut and its nightlife on the Dutch tv and ever since I’ve always wanted to experience it myself. I can tell you: it’s awesome. I enjoyed the simple everyday things of Lebanon as well: good food, a bit of strolling through the city centre and spending time at home with my boyfriends family.
I’ve been away from home for an entire month, but time has flown by so fast that I can’t believe it’s almost april. Luckily for us, just a few days after getting back into our routine, we have a four day easter weekend. As we still have some sleep to catch up on, we woke up extremely late today, had a huge breakfast and later today we’ll drive to the coast for a walk. Life isn’t that bad at all.
The pictures below are a mix of pictures from instagram (@fashioncontainer) and from my canon 600D, hope you’ll enjoy!

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