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Being wide awake at 2.30am and feeling exhausted in the afternoon, that’s how I’ve been feeling the last days. Yup, someone is jetlagging.
My journey back to Perth didn’t went entirely trouble-free as we almost missed our connection flight from Dubai to Perth. We were running like fools and almost hit by one of those airport caddy’s. Finally we did manage to catch our flight (it was a matter of seconds), but unfortunately our bagage didn’t make it to Perth. Because I have quite a history with losing suitcases, I was fearing the worst. Luckily everything turned out fine, because the suitcases were delivered at our home the next day. We took these pictures sunday, the day after we arrived back in Perth. I look hugely tired, but these Karen Walker look-a-like sunnies from Dotti do a good job at covering up my tired eyes. My journey to Dubai, Lebanon and Holland was simply amazing, I’m so grateful for all my new experiences and so happy to be surrounded by so many lovely people for a whole month. Yup, and now I’m back home in Perth. It feels good. Photo diaries are coming soon, as I still haven’t had the time to sort out all my pictures.

Pictures by H. Mounzer
Wearing: Mango blazer and tshirt, Forever21 shorts, Zara bag and shoes, Dotti sunglasses, Kmart watch
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