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When people think of Lebanon, they usually don’t think about snow and mountains. Well, I can tell you that during the winter it can get pretty cold and the mountains there are simply amazing.
As a day-trip, my boyfriend, his brother and sister and me went to Faraya, a beautiful city in the mountains. There’s a ski station, you can rent a snow scooter, or you can just have coffee and enjoy the amazing view like we did. It was a really sunny day, so thankfully we weren’t very cold. That same day we also visited “Jeita Grotto”, which are limestone caves with an extraordinary look, I never saw something like that. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I can tell you that it looked like a dream.

As you all know, I’ve been Holland for over a week now but due to the non-stop snow and extreme cold I haven’t been able to take any outfit pictures. But hey, I still have very much to show you from the last weeks of travelling. I hope you don’t mind! I’m really not used on this extreme cold weather anymore and to be honest I can’t wait to be back in Australia. Grey skies, extreme cold wind, snow and rain: it’s not for me. I’m gonna meet up with a couple of friends and enjoy some drinks in town tonight. Fun!

    Pictures by H. Mounzer
Portmans coat and knit
H&M jeans
Zara boots and bag
Rayban mirror sunnies
Jolie & Deen clover necklace
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