Brand new

Something I always enjoy very much is wearing an all new outfit, it just makes me feel great and… brand new. I’ve been shopping quite a bit during my stay in Dubai and Lebanon, which enabled me to wear a lot of first-time outfits and I love that.
I basically left Perth with an empty suitcase. Well, 24 kilo’s. But for me that’s very little especially considering the fact I’m away from home for an entire month. The dress I’m wearing today is from Mango and I love its graphic print. I took these pictures at my last day in Dubai and I have to say I already look back at the Dubai pictures with a lot of nostalgia feelings. The awesome city, great shopping and the weather. Holland has been crazy cold the last days, ever since I’ve arrived it has been snowing, which is very unusual in march. I now realize once again that I really don’t like living in this country, the freezing weather has such a bad effect on my mood. I’m still having a great time seeing my friends and family though. Hours of chatting, drinking coffee, good dinners: that’s what my days here in Holland look like. Funny enough, returning to Holland after living in Perth for 8 months, makes me say once and for all: Australia is home. It took me some time to feel this way and now I finally do, I’m more than excited and motivated to organize my life in Australia in the best way.

 Pictures by H. Mounzer

Mango dress and bag
Zara boots
Lovisa necklace
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