Beirut city

Right now I’m in Holland with my family, but I still have plenty of pictures to show you from my journey to Dubai and Lebanon the last weeks. For instance these pictures, which my boyfriend and I made when we spend a day strolling in Beirut.
Some sightseeing, shisha breaks and shopping, that’s how we spend the day. Travelling the last weeks was a great experience, but at the same time very exhausting. A few days before I flew to Holland I started to feel unwell and I really had to take a break to not become very ill. I made sure I went to bed very early a few nights and now I’m feeling a lot better. The 7th of march was my birthday as I said before. I had a great day: a big birthday cake, some nice presents and a lovely dinner with my boyfriend at night. The next day when I arrived in Holland, my family gave me the birthday feeling by taking me for a nice dinner. It was so lovely to see everyone again and so strange to see my nephews and niece who have all grown so much. I’m staying at my sisters place by the way, which gives me a chance to spend a lot of time with her kids. I used to live in this place with my mom and I never saw this place with my sister living in it. It’s funny to see my old room transformed in a boys room. I’m going for dinner tonight with two of my lovely friends. The weather here is horrible by the way, I woke up this morning in a white world. Snow? in march, really?! I’m off to get ready for tonights dinner, talk soon.

 Pictures by H. Mounzer

H&M denim blouse and pants
Sheinside coat
Sasha flats
Zara bag
Lovisa necklace
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