Dubai part 2

Yay, finally a second Dubai post! Going through 1300 pictures, yes really(!), isn’t an easy job. Anyway, I finally managed to organize it a little bit.
These pictures are all taken at day 3 when we went to the Dubai mall (again) and visited Atlantis, a super luxurious hotel on top of the “palm”. See picture 11, to understand what I’m talking about. Just outside the Dubai mall there is a fountain show every half an hour and it’s truly amazing (See picture 5). The Dubai mall, the Burj Khalifa, the fountains: I love it all. Dubai is crazy good! I’m so sorry for the bad update at my blog these days. Blame it on the unstable internet and my busy days here in Lebanon. Busy days in a good way: I’m having a lot of fun! I promise that my blog update will go back to normal as soon as I’ll be in Holland. I’m leaving to Holland in the very early morning of 8 march and will spend there 12 days before returning to Lebanon and then Perth. Tomorrow is my birthday by the way, I’ll be 23 and I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or not, haha. I’m feeling pretty exhausted of the last days, so I’ll go to bed early tonight. I just wanna make sure I’ll be feeling clean & fresh at my birthday!

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Zara bag
Sasha flats
Chic a booti sunnies
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