Life from the 24th floor at David Intercontinental – Tel Aviv

We stayed at the Intercontinental in San Francisco and were blown away by the experience. So what does the David Intercontinental in Tel Aviv has to offer? If you love a great view, around the clock Club Lounge benefits and a worldly, extravagant atmosphere; you certainly won’t be disappointed. Let’s get started.

We were already in town before arriving to the Intercontinental and because we had a bit of big night before and needed to wake up, we adventurously decided to walk with our suitcases from downtown Dizengoff to the sea side where David Intercontinental is located. Easy! We were greeted friendly by the front desk staff and shown to the Club Lounge where we had to wait a few minutes for our room to be ready. With snacks, coffee and fresh juices on offer all day, ‘waiting’ just turned itself into a good thing. Let’s also not forget to mention the surreal view you have from the Club lounge on the 24th floor over Tel Aviv!

Let’s go to the room…

The moment of sliding in the card and opening the world of yet another hotel room is always so so exciting for us. We walked in and the first thing that makes you ‘wow’ is the killer view! Not just over the sea, but also over the skyline and pool area below. So what do you do next in a situation like that??You pop open a bottle of wine, sit in the window fence and simply enjoy the moment. The room features a super spacey bathroom with the best bath (has been put to the test, naturally), lounge area with a view on the window giving you the ‘living room’ feeling, only with a better view ofcourse.

At sea

Like we mentioned, the David Intercontinental is situated right at the beach. We were super lucky to have exceptional November weather so we actually went for a swim late afternoon! Other than the beach, the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood and Old Jaffa are both at an easy walking distance, so at the David Intercontinental you really have the best of both worlds location wise. Plus, there are some absolutely fantastic restaurants and bars at a very close walking distance so you’re completely taken care of.

Club lounge

We feel that the one thing that sets the Intercontinental apart from any other hotel’s we’ve been staying at is the Club Lounge area and its around the clock amenities. If you’re travelling a lot, there truly is nothing more comforting than being able to grab a snack, juice or coffee at any time of the day. We’re sometimes on the road for months in a row (just wait until you see our December and January itinerary, it’s mad) and one of the things we miss from home is being able to eat and drink whenever. It might sound a bit silly, but it really makes all the difference.

Straight from a postcard

Don’t you just love those bustling hotel lobbies with elegant people walking in and out, meeting for dinner or drinks? The Intercontinental has one of those worldly lobbies where you can just keep entertained by people watching. The hotel features the elegant Atrium lobby bar, a cigar bar and the hotel’s signature restaurant: Aubergine. Other than the incredibly beautiful lobby and restaurant areas, the outdoor area with pool surrounded by palmtrees may well be even more magical. I mean, hello? It looks like we’ve just landed on some tropical island. And do you know what’s even better about the pool area and it’s gorgeous view over the sea? You can have breakfast while taking it all in. Brings us the following.

Breakfast with a view, yes!

…and champagne, please. It was gorgeous weather so we decided to have breakfast just beside the pool. Enjoy the morning sun with a freshly baked omelette, GREAT coffee (yep, definitely approved by these two critics) and a glass of champagne. You only live one, so why not? The whole experience from the room, view, to-die-for breakfast was amazing and if you’ve got the chance, you have allow yourself the pleasure of a few days at the Intercontinental. Cheers!

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