In weekends a bowl of cereals doesn’t count as breakfast. That’s why right after shooting this outfit Hassan and I went for a big brunch in East Perth at…, where they happen to do the most delicious eggs on toast and coffee not to mention. I took poached eggs with salmon, hollandaise and spinach and this one definitely goes on the list of best breakfasts that I’ve ever had!
Cleaning up my closet recently made me realize how many impulse buys I do. Most of those purchases I end up wearing only once or twice after which they stay in the back of my closet. When I was a student, I used to be very careful with my hard earned money. I’d carefully put together a wishlist, after which I’d do my research on which shops have the best options. I allowed myself to enjoy my new financial freedom a little after starting my first full time job last year, but a while ago it dawned on me that it just doesn’t make sense to buy stuff just for the sake of buying. Right now I proudly reverted back to more thoughtful shopping, re-considering every purchase.
The blue suede jacket, leather pouch and metallic sweatshirt are all pieces that I have been having for ages, yet I still enjoy wearing them. Find for example previous outfits with the blue biker jacket here, here and here. Who would have thought a jacket in a bold colour would be that versatile?

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