Cropped Lace

A sleeveless jacket, a lace top made from delicate fabric, cigarette trousers and a pair of metallic heels. All topped off with a side of croc clutch and a layered necklace. Yep, this outfit pretty much covers everything I’ve been into lately, fashion wise.

Wearing: Sleeveless jacket (Portmans), Cobalt Trousers (J.crew), White Lace top (Zara), Silver metallic heels (Diane Von Furstenberg), Metallic box clutch (River Island),  Layered necklace (Sportsgirl), Michael Kors silver watch

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As you might have read in my last post in which I talk about my wardrobe essentials, I’ve been hoarding sleeveless jackets lately. Whether they’re slightly oversized like this one or short, all welcome in my closet. For everyone based outside of Australia and have a hard time imagining it, the weather has been heating up a lot lately. Soon enough coats and jackets can go back in the closet for about 6 months. The only chance of layering I’ll be having for a while, is with a sleeveless jacket. Preferably in a light fabric, they make a great investment for summer. Along with a white lace top from Zara (having this store a 5 minute walk from my home is a blessing and a curse at the same time) and cropped cigarette trousers, forms an elegant ensemble that can be worn dressy with heels like I did here or with loafers for a casual look. You can view this outfit worn with flats here on my Instagram.

I’m currently living in a prison that I created with my own hands. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know, I know. But I feel like I’m just moving from one office to another and I barely do anything else than being behind a laptop. I strongly believe that nothing great is given in this life without a whole lot of sacrifice, every day, for a long time. I’ve come to terms with that and I try to take a breather every couple of days to manage it all. But. Sometimes the chaos gets the best of me, leaving me feeling not only frustrated but also jealous of other people whom seem to cruise through life with non-stop holidays and fun times. Anyone feeling me on this? What’s your best advice?

Wearing: Sleeveless jacket (Portmans), Cobalt Trousers (J.crew), White Lace top (Zara), Silver metallic heels (Diane Von Furstenberg), Metallic box clutch (River Island), Layered necklace (Sportsgirl), Michael Kors silver watch

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Hi Malena — That lace top is gorgeous! I am definitely a sucker for lace. Also the color of those trousers is beautiful as well! Since I am moving to Perth from the northeast of the U.S. this coming February, where I am very used to cold winters, I am having trouble deciding how much of my warm clothing to leave behind and how much to bring. I’ve noticed that you wear a good number of coats in your posts…What kind of coats or jackets would you suggest to bring to wear in Perth in the winter? Any advice on how I should pack for such a big climate change is much appreciated! –Amy

Thank you so much! I’d definitely recommend to only bring very few wintery items. The big coats made for cold Northern Hemisphere winters are definitely not needed here, so you can definitely leave those behind. I wear quite some coats but to be honest I never close them and I mostly use them as layering material! Definitely opt for light coats only if you were to bring any. But seriously, in the next 6 months you’ll probably not need them. I hope it helps 🙂

Came across your blog recently and I enjoy reading your postings ☺:) I spotted that lace top at zara too here in Sydney. Do you live close to Garden City?

Thanks Inge! You’ve got the same name as my sister :). I do indeed live close to Garden City, couldn’t wish for a better spot ha ha. I saw the same lace top also in black the other day. So good!

What it’s like living in Perth? We’re planning to relocate there next year. Not sure if I can survive the summer heat there :X

Hmmm….sometimes I describe Perth to my friends as a big retirement village as a joke, but I guess it’s true somewhere. Always warm, comfortable, the beach, very peaceful. It lacks some hustle and bustle though, if you ask me. But of course that totally depends on your personal taste too! It’s quite laid back, but I have to say that Perth has become a lot more lively in the past year compared to before. Meaning more trendy cafe’s, fun events, places to go out etc. The summer heat can indeed get quite bad sometimes (especially January is killing!), but the real i-can’t-handle-this-heat temperatures are only for a few weeks. Are you moving here from the East coast?

Beautiful top and such an interesting clutch! You look beautiful and sophisticated!