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I’ve silently let my blog second birthday pass by (the 7th of January!) because the real celebration will go along with a complete re-design of FashionContainer. I’m so excited! I wanted nevertheless take a moment to share with everyone who’s been following my blog what I’ve learned and experienced on this journey so far.

I always find it hard to describe my personality or define myself, there’s actually only one thing I know for sure: I’m determined. When I get something in my head, it has to happen. Regardless whether it’s a plan that will take weeks, months or years to complete. I pride myself for this because it has brought me very far in life. About six years ago, I was a school dropout called by the government to come in for a serious talk (in the Netherlands you’re obligated to stay in school until the age of 17). He somehow forced me to get into school again and as things evolved, I changed my mind about what my life was going to be like and I got my spirit and motivation back. I eventually even decided to roll into law school.

The day that I got accepted into Utrecht University I couldn’t believe it was really me, this hopeless case, which no one and mostly myself ever thought would get that far. A few years on, I’m living in Australia with plans and dreams only getting bigger and more ambitious every day. I’ve learned some very valuable lessons since I started this blog or maybe I should even say that through the whole process of the past year I’m building up a personality that I’m proud of. I’ve learned a lot of things, but the most important one of all is that I should accept the speed of the process; you can’t make everything happen in one day. I’m very impatient, I need things to happen the way I have them in mind. I know now that for my own peace of mind and happiness I need to love the journey as it comes, have faith, maintain a good attitude and work hard.

 In the process of my blogs re-design I was categorizing my posts since day 1 and seeing myself and my blog evolve so much made me feel incredibly proud. I couldn’t help myself to burst out in laughing while coming across the lame things I wrote in my posts a while ago and I have to say that the quality of some pictures was horrific. Did I really think that was beautiful? I considered getting rid of some posts because they are embarrassing, but I finally decided against it. I want people to see that I didn’t get my blog to this level in one day, I want people like you who read my blog to know that all of this had a beginning and that I started with what I had and what I could do at a particular moment in my life. I hope you all will keep following along the way and who knows where we will end up next year.

PS. FashionContainer is moving to WordPress, so I would like to ask everyone to start following me on Bloglovin because Google Friend Connect will disappear. Thanks a million!


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Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
Wearing: Striped skirtAsos lace topAsos heels, Zara bag (similar here), Michael Kors watchSilver cuff

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