FashionContainer 2.0

Words can’t describe how excited and relieved I am that the new FashionContainer has finally launched! I could never have imagined that there’s so much work and thought involved in creating a new website, but finally we’re here.

For a month my days have pretty much looked like this: waking up at 6.30am, at the office at 07.30 to discuss the design and make edits, starting work at 08.30, come home at 17.30 and then continue working the evening on everything blog related. Things got a bit easier when I finally got internet at home, but the past month has been quite exhausting. To be completely honest, I’m wondering sometimes why I got myself into this and why I feel so passionately determined, but then I remind myself that I’m working for a purpose, to gain something, to create something. In exactly a month I will be turning 24; my little reminder that time is passing and that I’ve only got limited time to realize my ambitions.

FashionContainer 2.0 for me is a new beginning, my baby growing up, and most of all a moment to make decisions. What is this blog going to be like? The kind where the personality behind it is non-existent or where you feel like you really know the person? The kind where quality prevails quantity or the other way around? A business or a hobby? I’ve found that it’s very important to choose a scope for your blog and stick to it. I’m too honest to not write what’s really on my mind. Even though this attitude isn’t always in my own benefit, being sincere while writing posts is something that belongs to me and I simply can’t compromise. About the quality of content on FashionContainer I can only say that whenever I post something I want to be able to look at it and think: well, that’s pretty amazing. That’s something very important to me and I hope it’s to you too. Last but not least, a business or a hobby? I’m not speaking about financial gain, but the attitude. Regardless of how much you love blogging, when you treat it like a business it sometimes has to feel like work, there’s always less fun duties that have to be done. I love FashionContainer enough to sacrifice sleep, free time and peace of mind so I guess that should say enough. A new beginning, I’m ready!

For the special occasion I’m wearing a TFNC maxi dress with plunge bustier that just screams elegance. It’s by the way the most easy-going strapless dress I’ve ever worn: no bra needed and no dropping-downs! Those are the two things I always dread when wearing a strapless dress, the bra never fits in right and I always feel like I spend my day pulling the dress up.

PS: This website has only just launched and there’s still some work to do but don’t be afraid: everything is going to fixed very soon. E.g. Old comments aren’t visible yet and comment count feature on home page doesn’t work yet either. Leaving comments should be no problem, but I just wanted to mention there’s still some work in progress.


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Pictures by Hassan Mounzer

Wearing: TFNC maxi dress, Strappy heels, Wishbone necklace, Michael Kors watch, Karen Walker sunglasses

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