On fire

Hello from Dubai! I arrived yesterday at 10pm local time and I’m having an amazing time so far. After we arrived at my boyfriends cousin place we decided to go out. Trust me, it’s the best way to beat a jet lag!
More stories about Dubai accompanied with pictures later, now I’ll show you these pictures we shot before I left. I’m totally in love with this Jolie & Deen dress, the fit is just perfect. Even though I barely ever wear red, this dress definitely encourages me to buy more red items. Especially since my closet is slowly taken over by everything blue, it’s time to come up with a new colour crush and I decided it should be red. Gotta go now, because I’ve to get ready for another night out. Yup, living these couple of days in Dubai to the fullest! Talk soon and meanwhile follow me on instagram @fashioncontainer to stay updated.

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Jolie & Deen “Fia” dress
Sasha pistol boots
Mango bag
Lovisa necklace
Jolie & Deen clover necklace
Cotton On sunnies
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