Dubai part 1

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! I arrived to Beirut yesterday evening and now I just came back home from a very fun day in town. Dubai was truly amazing, I feel so happy that I got to experience this beautiful city.
The very first day we went for a safari in the desert which was quite an experience. Cruising through the desert seems great, but my stomic couldn’t handle it. Yep, I’ve been throwing up, haha. Once we arrived at our destination, a cozy place in the middle of the desert, I knew the tough ride was worth it. We had a great dinner, cuddled camels, saw desert gazelles and enjoyed the sunset. And ofcourse: shishaaa!
Day two we went to discover the main things that Dubai is known for: the Burj Khalifa (highest building in the world), the Burj Arab and ofcourse the Dubai mall. Oh gosh, how much I love that place. A mall which is THAT big that even in two days you can impossibly see all the shops. Also, I was finally reunited with my beloved Zara and immediately developed an obsession for a pair of boots which were unfortunately sold out in my size. I’ve been looking at 4 different Zara’s so far, but without any result. I bought a lot of great stuff in Dubai, it’s truly a shopping paradise. Unfortunately we didn’t have internet at my boyfriends cousin place, so I was unable to update my blog the last couple of days, so sorry for that. Well, I’m not even sure if I would have been able to update whatsoever, because we were outside everyday from morning till very late. Amazing city, amazing people, amazing food, what more can I wish for? To summarize: Dubai was a great succes and I can’t wait to back. Stay tuned, because I’ve got so much more to show you. For now, enjoy the pictures.

// In the desert // The wonderful beautiful beach // Saying hi to the bird // Chilling out in the park with an amazing city view // In the desert, before dinner // The Burj Arab! // Skinny jeans & the desert // Shisha’s! // Someone’s feeling a bit wasted (car sick) // Aquarium in the Dubai mall // Sightseeing // Lebanse food, love it. // Beautiful desert gazelle. He obviously wasn’t impressed by us approaching him. // Waving my hair at the beach // The Burj Khalifa, which is so large that you have to put a big effort to capture the whole building in a picture // Camel rides in the desert // Beautiful palmtree in the city // Kickin’ some sand // Burj Arab close up // Amazing view from our restaurant // Boyfriend and I impressed by the sharks // My lovely flats // In the Dubai mall after some Zara shopping // Amazing sunset // Dinner in the desert, Yum! // My outfit and me //
Look 1
Mango top and bag
French Connection jeans
Forever New flats
Lovisa necklace
Look 2
Tipilly leather top
Target jeans
Topshop boots
Zara bag
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