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Accessories are probably my biggest weakness when it comes to shopping. When I spoke about my wardrobe routines in a previous article (see here), I told you that regarding accessories I like to stay low budget, except when it comes to rings.
The rings in the picture are all silver and handmade. I find the details amazing and love the bright colours of the stones. (All natural stones by the way, love that!). However, when it comes to watches, necklaces or bracelets, I never really buy anything expensive. I guess I just prefer buying lots of different accessories than buying one pricey piece.
Although I claim that I’d not spend much money on accessories, I do have a big weakness for Michael Kors watches -which are not exactly cheap-. So, I guess you can imagine how thrilled I was to find a pretty good look-a-like when I went shopping with my boyfriend in town last week (See picture).

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