Well, consider this as a very small summary of my latest shopping spree’s. Yep, I’ve been buying a lot lately. I find myself kinda responsible though. I’ve been wisely waiting for sale season to start before doing some crazy shopping.
Today has been an awesome. At 9 in the morning my boyfriend called from his work. I was wondering why the hell he’s calling me only 20 minutes after he left home, so kind of anxious I answered the phone. He said: check your email. So I opened my mailbox and I found the approval letter from the Aussie government for my long stay visa. It’s a big surprise, because we’ve only lodged the application a month ago. These things usually take a lot longer, we’ve heard. Moreover, we had some serious doubts if we fulfilled all requirements to get the visa. So, definitely a big surprise to have the visa granted that soon. Australia wants me, I guess ;).  So, right now I have a 4 year permit to stay in Australia and I have the right to work wherever. WHOOP WHOOP!! Oh, and the other good news: my huge H&M order arrived today! I really miss the European chains a lot sometimes. Especially during sale season, it’s just too tempting. Luckily, my mom is willing to help me out by sending my stuff over. She also send two Dutch magazines (Grazia). Gosh how much I miss that, to just comfortably read a magazine in my own language…
Hope you’re all having great day. Talk tomorrow 🙂

// TEMT dress (Also bought the orange version), Lovisa necklace // Portmans knit, Sesfashions shorts, Live bracelet // Lovisa necklaces, Kmart rose gold watch // Studded boots thanks to Betts // Cotton on shirt //
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