Milan Iphone Diary

I feel like I’ve seen, lived and experienced SO many things in SO little time recently that even I myself am surprised when scrolling down my camera roll. Oh, who took this photo? WHO is this? Did Tatiane unknowingly take my phone again (haha)? Whenever I have a few quiet days at home (and then ‘quiet’ means working on my laptop 12 hours a day on average), browsing the photos on my phone instantly brings a smile to my face. Anyway, today I’m sharing what we got up to in Milan! Get ready for lots of wine and cocktails. Whoops.

We stayed at a friend’s apartment and found it’s in the middle of the Navigli district. Ha! How cool. Here we just finished taking photos for a project that will be online (both on Instagram and the blog) soon!

SO pretty! As you can see from the streets, it had been raining before but the sun finally broke out here…

Tatiane has discovered the timer on her Iphone and ever since we’re taking 101 photos of ourselves while travelling. How does it work? 1) put your phone somewhere high, in this case a bridge. Pray that it doesn’t fall. 2) Set the timer 3) Get into position 4) Change pose every second to have a choice in photos

Cappuccino break at Slow Sud when it started raining…

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