Welcome to my closet, perfect pair of denim jeans. I’ve had the honour to receive a few pairs of jeans from Mavi and I couldn’t be happier after experiencing the amazing quality and fit.

Mavi is a brand originally from Turkey and is especially known for its denim jeans. I actually got to know Mavi a few years ago when I was living in Turkey and it was my to-go store for long lasting basics such as tshirts and sweaters. For some reason I never tried on their jeans, which I obviously regret now. The pair I’m wearing is seriously the most comfy and well fitted jeans I’ve ever tried. The word ‘Mavi’ means blue in Turkish which makes it the perfect title for this post, don’t you think? Today I decided to match the jeans with a similar shade, a blue and white porcelain print blouse which I got from Sheinside. What do you think about the look?

Pictures by H. Mounzer
Sheinside blouse, Mavi jeans, ASOS heels, Mango bag (similar here), Michael Kors watch, Mango belt.

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