Leather sleeves

Let me tell you what I’ve been up to today… I just came back from a shoppingcentre where I went with a friend. No, NOT to buy clothes this time, I went to buy some garden furniture.
Mission has succeeded, because a big package with a table and two chairs is waiting for me in the living room to be unpacked. Now I should really start tidying up the house a little bit, because we’ll have friends over in our place tonight and ofcourse I don’t want them to have a bad impression ;).
The eyecatcher in these pictures is obviously my new leather sleeve coat, don’t you love it? I’m so happy with it, it’s really a classic piece. (And another bargain, hehe). Wore this sunday when we went to Fremantle (a town nearby Perth) where we walked at the boulevard, strolled around in a market and had a lovely lunch. I had sushi, the boyfriend fish and chips. The best part of the day: we found out that the whale watching season has begun. So, yesterday we booked ourselves a boat trip to go whale watching next sunday, how exciting is that!

 Pictures by H. Mounzer

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