Some days…

Saturday was one of these days that making decent outfit pictures seemed an impossible job. Whether it was caused by the lack of good light or the fact that I felt very sleepy, I’ve definitely had better outfit pictures than this, haha.
Anyway, still wanted to show you the whole outfit! Since I’ve discovered the existence of outlet shoppingcentres here in Australia, I’ve really turned into a bargain hunter. Last week for example, I found this beautiful jacket for $10, pretty good deal if you ask me. Started today with a big walk trough Kingspark on my own. Thought I had a pretty good sense of direction, but I got lost. Very lost. So finally I walked about an hour more than I actually planned, but at least I’ve had a good exercise which is the perfect excuse to eat lots of unhealthy food today. Will show you yesterday’s outfit pictures tomorrow, which – I promise- are a lot more spectecular than these.

 Pictures by H. Mounzer
 Valley Girl jacket
Sportsgirl shirt
H&M jeans
Topshop loafers
Zara bag
Dotti sunglasses

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