Black and White

Just a little preview of my upcoming outfit post on the blog. We took these pictures yesterday when we were waiting to take the train to Harbourtown (shopping outletcentre). My boyfriend needed some new clothes so we took our time to find him some good stuff.
Also bought a beautiful coat with leather sleeves myself. Spring is starting here, so I will probably not be able to use the coat a lot the coming months, but I really couldn’t leave it behind. For dinner, we invited friends over to our place which was really fun. We had roasted chicken, grilled potatoes, and a salad. Oh, and not to mention a big dessert with icecream and cake, haha. I feel a little bit guiltly about the amount of food I ate yesterday, -and the past week, to be honest- so I will try to keep it healthy the coming days. Today we’re planning to go to a little town at the seaside. The weather seems wonderful so I’m sure we’ll have a great day.

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