Golden Hour in Warsaw

The late afternoon light shines bright, I’m in a city I don’t know, we’re on the way to an exciting dinner and I’m wearing a stunning dress both understated and incredibly extravagant at the same time. Those are 4 incredibly good reasons to be happy.

I have to admit that much of my life I’ve been the living definition of a comfort dresser. Every garment that involves tight fits, itchy material, requires complicated bra’s (or no bra’s at all) is immediately put aside. Since this dress has an open back, it would normally have gone straight in the “too difficult, I pass” box. But. There are exceptions, of course. This Three Floor lace dress with asymmetric skirt and subtle open back and I just immediately hit it off, so I happily ditched the bra and went on with my life. #freethenipple is trending topic after all.

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the Three Floor brand ever since its early beginnings in 2011 and I’ve always admired how such a young brand has gained such a strong and wide international presence in such a short time. I love the sharp cuts, incredible detailing and just general out of the box approach of the pieces. Plus, it’s all super well-made!

Since the dress does already do much of this outfit’s talking, I kept the rest of my outfit very clean and simple. Light blue clean cut coat, black two strap heels and some carefully picked accessories do the job. The two golden rings I’m wearing are by Perka Design are both handmade and you can customize the stone’s colour according to your taste! Really love the delicate finishing and details; they were the perfect finishing touch to this outfit.

Wearing: Three Floor Bloom on Bleu dressZara coat (similar here), Zara heels (similar here), Perka design Pi-Pe ringPerka design Roma-tic ring

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn
Location: Warsaw, Poland

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