5 Things we do before visiting a new city

I’m sure you haven’t missed that the FashionContainer team has done some serious travelling over the past few months! While it might look all fun and games to you, travel also comes with a lot of preparation. Here’s a few of the things we always do before jetting off to yet another destination.

1. The Weather

It might sound silly, but you don’t want to drag along a suitcase filled with dresses and skirts while the weather at your destination is a mere 10 degrees Celsius and it’s raining. That’s why we always do an obligatory weather check a few days before departure and adjust our suitcase content accordingly.

2. What to do?

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s truly getting to know the city we visit. Go beyond the main attractions; discover little hidden gems, local restaurants, and good coffee. You name it and we want to know it. Prior to leaving, we always make a shortlist of things to do. Whenever we’re not sure, we ask friends or post a message on our Facebook accounts to ask for advice.

3. Public Transport

If you travel as much as we do, you really have start saving money somewhere, that’s why cutting out on taxi’s and embracing public transport is a must. While in the US last month, we took taxi’s almost every day and not only did it leave us almost bankrupt, because we got stuck in traffic so often, we’d have been way better off taking the metro. Because public transport works different everywhere, we research the system, routes and where to get tickets before we leave.

4. What to wear

Personal style being a huge part of FashionContainer, we never ever just randomly pack clothing. Space is limited, so every garment has to be justified. We pre-plan our outfits not only to safe space, but also because it’s so much more time efficient while you’re at your destination.

5. Rooftops

It’s safe to say that we’re absolutely obsessed with rooftops, so we’re always looking for the bars and restaurants with the most special features in every city. That said, if you have any cool recommendations that we need to know about, we’d love to hear it!

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