Favorite looks

Here some of my favorite looks, both recent and old. I thought it would be fun sharing some of my wardrobe routines. When deciding what to wear, I usually start with picking one item that will be “the centre of attention” in the look.
For example, a turquoise lace skirt or a metallic sweater. Furthermore, basics like a good bag or leather jacket are very important for my outfits. Don’t bother spending a little more money on a jacket or bag; because you’ll be using  them a lot, it’s worth the investment. When it comes to accessories, I always like to stay low budget. It’s one of those things where I choose quantity over quality. I mean, what’s better than having a huge accessories collection to choose from everyday?  Except when it comes to rings, those I only buy in real silver, since I’m tired of seeing them change colour after wearing them one time. So tell me, what’s your favorite look?

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