Leather crush

Yesterday I suddenly got packing-stress. I’m not leaving untill 3 weeks from now for my one month holiday to Dubai, Lebanon and Holland, but I suddenly realized that I barely have stuff which is appropriate to wear during winter.
Well, barely is a big word but I certainly don’t have enough winter shoes. So when I went to Harbourtown (outlet shoppingcentre) with a friend yesterday, I was kind of on the hunt for some nice boots. I guess it was my lucky day, because I found two pairs and I paid only $15 dollar for both. Yep, it’s crazy I know. I’ll show you some pictures tomorrow! Besides checking out the shops, we had a long coffee break with the best muffins ever. Today I was meant to go powerwalking with afriend, but I guess we were both in a lazy mood because we didn’t come further than a café a few minutes away from my home, haha. So, not a very sporty day, that’s for sure. I’ll try to make up for that tomorrow.
The outfit pictures turned out a bit robot-ish, at least that’s the first word that came to my mind when I looked at them. I kinda like it though, because it goes well with the style of clothes I’m wearing. I received this leather top a few days ago from www.tipilly.com (thank you!) and I absolutely love it. The cuff I’m wearing is actually meant for the wrist, but I thought I’d would look better at my upper arm. What do you think about the look?

Pictures by H. Mounzer

Tipilly leather top

Valley girl pants
Sportsgirl shoes
Target bag
Chic a booti sunglasses
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